A Customer Self-Qualification Tool

Explore an easy-to-use web form where prospects check service eligibility by entering their address or pinpointing their location on the map.

SelfQual performs RF analysis, determining the availability of internet services like Wireless, Fiber, Cable, DSL, and more.

Your prospects receive a 'success' or 'Service unavailable' result with seamless redirection options. Behind the scenes, detailed lead information is sent via email and stored securely in the SignalQual database. Empower your prospects with a simple, efficient way to explore connectivity options.

Can I get a service?

A customizable web form for prospects to check service eligibility by entering their address.

Where do you want the Service?

Your prospects use the address lookup tool to tag the structure they wish to connect to your internet service or drag and drop the pin to their rooftop on the map.

Location confirmation

Prospects click on 'Check For Service'.

SelfQual performs an RF analysis of all accessible APs for service.

Check if the location passes by Fiber, Cable, DSL, or other hard-line services you offer.

Your Prospect is presented with the result of “success” or “Service unavailable” and can be redirected to any web page you choose.

On the backend,

Once a determination is made, an email is sent to an address of your choice and the lead is pushed to the SignalQual database and your billing system. 

Billing system Integration support: