SignalQual - RF Propagation and Analytical Tool for Accurate New Customer Qualifications

SignalQual, a high-performance RF Propagation Tool, combines the simplicity of a user-friendly interface with the power of complex analytical capabilities.

The tool will assist in network planning, Management, and documentation. SignalQual will integrate with your website for subscribers self self-qualification.

Elevate Your Sales with SignalQual

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The intuitive platform allows sales representatives and office administrators to close sales on the first call without technical assistance.

New subscriber sign-ups are as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Look up their address in the SignalQual tool.
  2. The map displays the results and includes the speeds they can purchase for their location.
  3. Sign them up and schedule the installation.

The web integration feature generates sales leads when someone checks for service via your website.

It's that simple to streamline your new subscriber qualification process.

Key Features:

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Location-specific Service Availability

Enter the address and get immediate and accurate information on available service and speed.

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Accurate RF Propagation:

The RF Propagation tool uses 10-meter clutter data (nine times more accurate than 30-meter clutter) on an interactive map.

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Sales Empowerment:

The Self-Qual feature Integrates with your website and enables sales representatives to complete the sale and schedule installs independently.

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Transparent Pricing

One low price for all companies with no hidden fees. Enter your entire network into the program and distribute the work to multiple users within your company at no extra charge.

Unleash Technical Superiority

SignalQual includes 3D building elevations and footprint data at 2’ resolution and 10-meter clutter and terrain databases. (Fig.1) A significant advancement from the 30-meter clutter datasets (Fig. 2) typically in use, this innovation improves the predictability of serviceability at specific address locations. In addition, RSI implements manufacturer-specific antenna pattern files for point-to-point path studies.

    Unleash the power in

  • RF Propagation Modeling
  • Frequency and Channel Planning
  • Path and Clutter Loss Calculations per address
  • Signal Level and Speed Availability
  • Licensed and Unlicensed Wireless, with integrations for Fiber and DOCSIS

SignalQual software considers the terrain and clutter aspects, including type and height in the propagation path between transmitter and receiver. The software utilizes High-Resolution 10-meter clutter Data, nine times more precise than 30-meter clutter files. (Fig. 2) Regulatory Solutions engineers use SignalQual to create your FCC BDC reports.

Step into the future of wireless internet service provisioning with SignalQual

A perfect blend of operational simplicity and technical brilliance.